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We are direct purchasers, not real estate agents. New Hope Homes buys houses that fit our criteria. We might fix them up and either sell them to new homeowners or keep them as rentals.

Yes, we buy homes at a price that allows us to profit after resale, which means purchasing below market value. However, homeowners appreciate our fast cash offers, quick closings, and no need for repairs, agent fees, or any effort on their part. If a quick, effortless sale is what you are after, we are here to propose a win-win price.

Our method is straightforward. We evaluate the property’s location, necessary repairs, and current state and compare it with recent sales in the area. Despite market fluctuations, we aim to offer a price that is fair to both you and us.

No fees or commissions exist when you sell to us. We will make you an offer, and if it suits you, we buy your house without any additional costs. We profit by fixing and selling the home, not by charging you fees.

Real estate agents list properties hoping for a buyer, which can take months. New Hope Homes buys your house directly with cash, making the process faster and simpler without commissions or listing hassles.

None. After you share details about your home, we will review them, discuss further with you, and make a no-obligation cash offer. The decision to sell your house to us is entirely yours, without any pressure from our side.

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